Federatii nationale si internationale:

Federatia Romana De Kendo

Federaţia Europeană de Kendo (EKF)

Federaţia Internatională de Kendo (FIK)

Federaţia Japoneză de Kendo (ZNKR/AJKF)

Cluburi de kendo din România

This is Kendo: by Junzo Sasamori, Gordon Warner
Musashi: by Eiji Yoshikawa. The life and adventures of Miyamoto Musashi
Looking at a Far Mountain: by Paul Budden A Study of Kendo Kata (Tuttle Martial Arts)
The Shambhala Guide to Kendo: by Minoru Kiyota: An Essential Introduction to the Principles and Practice of the Japanese Art of Swordsmanship
Kendo: Its Philosophy, History and Means to Personal Growth: by Minoru Kiyota